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Aurolab offers a comprehensive and integrated method that brings together classes, workshops, immersion retreats and training programs, exploring the rich spectrum of a wholistic Classical Yoga. Aurolab Yoga is practiced at The Green House School of Yoga and Healing Center, located near Swansea, Wales, around the UK and internationally by Sama Fabian and Aurolab Yoga Teachers.


‘There is an archetypal perfect pose, when one slides into it like a hand slides into a glove, the mind has nothing to desire or fear, it runs into silence like a river runs into the ocean’ “La Mystique du Silence’ Dr. Jaques Vigne (translation: Sama Fabian)

Yoga Classes at The Green House

Wednesday 9.45am | Thursday 9.45am and 6.30pm

£9 drop in | 10 classes £82 | 20 classes £150

The Wellbeing Center, Swansea

Tuesdays 7-8.30pm £10

Yoga Days at The Green House 9.30-4pm £53|£48

19 April |Self healing and Intimacy in Yoga Practice                             

20 Sept | Mobilising the energy body, releasing old patterns                                                                                                                                           



22 Nov|Meditative practices, the gate to the inner temple                 



The Hackney Forge, London  22 March 1-5pm £55 | £48

Self Healing and Intimacy in Yoga Practice

10-12 January  Weekend Intensive                                                                                                                         'The Rising of the Light'


To reserve your place contact

Shamanic Evenings 2020
27 March | 24 April | 15 May

6.30 - 8.30 £50 or £18 single session

SPAIN | Yoga Holiday Retreat
18 - 25 May 2020

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