TEACHER TRAINING | Sept 2017 - August 2018

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Teaching Yoga is an art that requires continuous self enquiry and an understanding of ones personal process. A teacher needs to be established in a regular and intelligent practice, one which constitutes an appropriate response to current conditions and which is good for the whole organism. This implies a thorough knowledge and understanding of the yogic language both in practice and theory and a commitment to the following principles:

•AHIMSA sensitivity and consideration, reducing anger, dread and violence toward ourselves and those around us.

•SATYA truthfulness and the ability to communicate mindfully and honestly.

•SVADHYAYA self-study motivated by the necessity to reflect on our personal process in the light of the yogictexts.

Our next TTC starts in September 2017 and runs over 1 weekend a month for 14 months. All of which can be residential if you come from afar. The course is experiential and essentially practical. We are committed to support you in the deepening of your personal practice and help you develop the skills and the confidence to transmit your experience and understanding of Yoga in a coherent, safe and compassionate way. This program is a professional training registered with the IYN, Independent Yoga Network and the Yoga Register. It gives direct access to REPS, the Register of Exercices Professionals, UK


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Aine Tormey | Aurolab Teacher | Homeopath

” When the student is ready, the teacher appears…and you did !!! With love and gratitude”

Biljana Cacic | Aurolab Teacher

“Thank you both for helping me find windows from which I can see the world in a more familiar and more beautiful way. Thank you for all your kindness, love, sharp mind, receptivity and exceptional sensitivity. This is what life is about!”