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I did indeed download your wonderful class. I am excited and feel so very privileged to have this opportunity to learn from you. I continue to dive back into it, in full or segments. I appreciate the ability to stop and rewind to deepen my learning. I love the concept of honouring and greeting the sun. I hope you are able to offer more classes, such a wonderful opportunity? to learn from you across the oceans!

I am always so moved by your eloquence depth and truth of the practice…
Also, at the end of the session you mentioned what you had planned today would take about five hours…
Im totally up for a full day practice if you ever want to offer that.

I would have happily sat for the full 5 hours you’d envisioned 🙂 I look forward to next time.

Today has made such a difference to the tension and heat I have been feeling in my shoulders for weeks now. I’m looking forwards to practicing this through the week. Thanks again for sharing so much! It really is a pleasure to be able to practice with you.

Sama, this morning I woke up with the thought of joy and clarity. I asked myself: “What is this excitement you feel?”
Now, after the practice, I know that I finally met that which I was longing to meet: the whole integrated practice, integration with all at the same time, not just the bits and pieces that we feel while traveling, but a sense of arriving.
What a tremendous voyage, your work, a Beauty. thank you!