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Aurolab offers a comprehensive and integrated method that brings together classes, workshops, immersion retreats and training programs, exploring the rich spectrum of a wholistic Classical Yoga. Aurolab Yoga is practiced at The Green House School of Yoga and Healing Center, located near Swansea, Wales, around the UK and internationally by Sama Fabian and Aurolab Yoga Teachers.

ZOOM: SUNDAY FULL PRACTICES 7:00-10:00am GMT. For established practitioners, teachers and trainee teachers of all styles of Yoga. These Full Practices integrate pranayama sequences/mantra/asana sequences and original forms. Philosophical enquiries run throughout the teaching as a supporting continuum.

Dates: Sunday 31st January / 28th March / 27th June.

Full Practices are £40/€45 price includes the download.

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Classes and Workshops.

ZOOM: TUESDAYS 6:30-7:45pm GMT Intermediate/advanced level. Strong postural practice/breath awareness/applied Bandhas/inversions.

ZOOM: WEDNESDAYS 8:00-9:00am GMT Open level class. Pranayama sequences/flow practices/applied Bandhas/Mudra work/quiet sitting.

IN-PERSON: THURSDAYS 6:30-8:00pm GMT In-person class at the Green House. Open level class. Postural sequences/breath work/applied Bandhas/relaxation.

Classes are £75/€85 for 10 classes.

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Sama Fabian

SPAIN | Yoga Holiday Retreat

24-31 May 2021

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We offer two Silent Retreats every year, one in the Winter and another in the later Summer. Arrival is at 3 pm on Friday, departure at 2pm on Sunday.


Shaucha purification is a winter retreat that pauses the perennial question ‘Who am I?’ From the dawn of time the path to our human soul has been a long pilgrimage into the depths of our being. At times challenging, difficult, painful even, at other times wondrous, full of marvel and enchantement and occasionally just simple, tranquil, evident.

In all traditions, to undertake that journey back home requires a purification of body and mind, a deconstruction of the ego self so that: ‘the Seer can be revealed in its true form” Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras I-3 This Winter retreat incorporates intensive methods from both Yogic and Shamanic lore. Blind-folded practices, advanced pranayama and asana, meditations, shamanic journeying and dreaming tasks.

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Santosha, contentment, is conceived to access and remove deeply held tensions through a rich yogic methodology comprising pranayama, mantra japa, guided meditation, long timing gentle yoga , deep relaxation and yoga Nidra, supported inversions and poetic reflections.

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‘There is an archetypal perfect pose, when one slides into it like a hand slides into a glove, the mind has nothing to desire or fear, it runs into silence like a river runs into the ocean’ “La Mystique du Silence’ Dr. Jaques Vigne (translation: Sama Fabian)