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SPAIN | Yoga Holiday Retreat

11-17 June 2022

This retreat is open to all practitioners of all styles and all levels. The practices are accessible, inclusive and require a capacity for presence, attentiveness and desire/ability to travel deep into the body, to play with breath and glyphs, to stay aware and awake. Asana performance is not the driving force in this work.  The emphasis this year is on mobilising the power in the belly to quieten the fluctuations of the mind. Refined kriya and delicate mudra practices open the pathways through the different layers of our human reality towards a place of harmony and balance so that we may take skilful, creative and fully embodied action.  A gift in these complex and unstable times.

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ZOOM: TUESDAYS  21 June-19 July 6:30-7:45pm GMT Intermediate/advanced level. Postural practice/breath awareness/applied bandhas/inversions/ savasana

ZOOM: WEDNESDAYS 22 June-20 JUly 8:00-9:00am GMT Open level class. Pranayama sequences/applied bandhas/mudra work/quiet sitting/ savasana

Zoom Classes 5 weeks £43 / with recordings £56

IN-PERSON at The Green House:

THURSDAYS 23 June-21 July  

*9.45-11am Pranayama/meditative practices/gentle yoga/savasana

*6:30-8:00pm Intermediate level class. Postural sequences/breath/ applied bandhas/savasana.

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5 weeks £50

Sama Fabian



For established practitioners, teachers, trainee teachers and dedicated practitioners of all styles of Yoga. These Full Practices integrate subtle pranayama /mantra/asana sequences and original forms. Philosophical enquiries run throughout the teaching as a supporting continuum.

The download of 'Tending to the Inner Garden I' is now available for purchase. The practice was a breathing enquiry into the vital organs followed by potent spinal rotations, supported inversions and Nidra.

Sunday 8 May Full Practice 'Tending to the Inner Garden II' 7:00-10:00am GMT.

Inner Garden II

This is a breathing adventure into the endocrine system, our internal constellation. Appropriate asana practice follows after a 10min break half way through. Inversions and Savasana conclude the practice.

 £40/£48 (with download) €48/€57 or equivalent in your own currency.

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‘There is an archetypal perfect pose, when one slides into it like a hand slides into a glove, the mind has nothing to desire or fear, it runs into silence like a river runs into the ocean’ “La Mystique du Silence’ Dr. Jaques Vigne (translation: Sama Fabian)