NEW TEACHER TRAINING | November 2022-Feb 2024

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Teaching Yoga is an art that requires continuous self enquiry and an understanding of ones personal process. A teacher needs to be established in a regular and intelligent practice, one which constitutes an appropriate response to current conditions and which is good for the whole organism. This implies a thorough knowledge and understanding of the yogic language both in practice and theory and a commitment to the following principles:

•AHIMSA sensitivity and consideration, reducing anger, dread and violence toward ourselves and those around us.

•SATYA truthfulness and the ability to communicate mindfully and honestly.

•SVADHYAYA self-study motivated by the necessity to reflect on our personal process in the light of the yogictexts.

To qualify to join the Aurolab Teacher Training Course, applicants must have a minimum of 2 years regular practice in any style of Yoga or have successfully completed an Aurolab Foundation Course. These courses are 60 contact hours and run according to each tutor personal practice, experience and sensibility. All curriculum include a practical presentation on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Bandhas taught by Sama Fabian.

Application forms are to be found in the brochure above.                                       Applications are welcome from now until 15th October 2022.


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Aine Tormey | Aurolab Teacher | Homeopath

” When the student is ready, the teacher appears…and you did !!! With love and gratitude”

Michele Lambert | IYN Yoga Elder

'Thank you for the wealth of wisdom you both shared through your teachings. I feel an unfurling taking place from inside out, something has shifted which I am unable to to explain and as a result there is a new depth to the practice. My head and sinuses are the clearest they have been for years. I have kept up with the Vayu practice and feel this has helped me address the imbalance that was there. The sound practices have taken me on a journey within, making friends with my organs and filling me with Tapas for further exploration of how I can resonate this amazing new instrument I have discovered, my own body!' 



contact: Kristin Priya Alsop


contact: Michele Lambert


contact: Anna Fearnall

Established teachers who would like to start a Foundation Course under the Aurolabyoga umbrella are welcome to get in touch with Sama