The Shamanic journey takes us to a rich tapestry of both personal and collective myths. Journey work is essentially practical, helping us to unravel problematics in everyday life as well as showing us a way to understand and read into the richness of the world we inhabit, beyond the limitations of or human mental constructs and assumptions. Soundscapes of instruments and voice will be our guides to open the gates to a magical world replete with possibility and revelation. Approximately once a month on a Friday evening (6.30-8.30pm) I offer a circle meeting where we engage in shamanic journey work, learning a safe and sound method that evolves with our commitment to the work. We gather a circle of allies and teachers that can help to unravel particular issues about relationships, family constellation, ancestral work and much more.

Upcoming dates: 9th March / 13th April / 18th May 2018

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Illustrations - The Night Life of Trees

Gond Tribe Artists, Madhya Pradesh, India